Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA

The meditative movements of the Taoist Tai Chi† arts of health can reduce tension, increase flexibility and strength, and improve circulation and balance.  The gentle turning and stretching movements can be done by any one regardless of age . Incorporated within our program are health recovery classes designed
to accommodate those who are recuperating from illness or inactivity or who have physical limitations. The therapeutic value of properly
performed Tai Chi has been documented in studies by respected members of the medical community.

The International Taoist Tai Chi Society is dedicated to bringing the benefits of Tai Chi to people of all abilities and ages. We are a volunteer-run, charitable nonprofit organization with locations in 28 countries.  Accredited volunteer Taoist Tai Chi™ instructors must meet standards established by the international organization and continue their knowledge and skill through attendance at regular classes and workshops.

Taoist Tai Chi Society
† arts of health are taught only by member organizations of the International Taoist TAi Chi Society.  The Taoist Tai Chi Soceity of the USA is the only member of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society in Michigan.  Both the methods and the society were founded by Master Moy Lin Shin.   Please look for our unique logo and the "USA" name.

† Taoist Tai Chi Society, the Taoist Tai Chi Society logo and Taoist Tai Chi are trademarks of Certmark Holdings Co. Ltd. (Canada) and are used under license by the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA.